Taj Nahar

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The Professional Taj Nahar

Everyone at SME is an artist in his or her own way. Taj, with his team at noir concepts, is an SME strategic partner and handles our video projects. From brainstorming to production to editing, they deliver the awesome videos that “make” the Facebook pages and other sites we design for our clients.

Taj removed himself from the corporate world after he was accepted into the Sherwin-Williams Corporate Management Training Program out of college. “It was a great opportunity, don’t get me wrong—a great company, but it wasn’t for me. I’m not one to climb the corporate ladder.”

Instead, Taj jumped into video production as part of the team that got Vista TV (“Denver Life + Style Televison,”) off the ground. At VISTA, he prepared documentaries and feature stories on topics and people ranging from the very top Denver sports figures (i.e., Mike Shanahan) to Dutch electronic dance musician Tiёsto. “Vista was a lot of fun—we covered high profile events and we did a lot of good for some very worthy non-profits. I learned a lot there,” says Taj, “But I wanted to build my own business and I jumped at the opportunity to start my company in 2011.”

Taj has a keen appreciation for the role of video in social media. “Social media is incredible and I’m thrilled to be on the cutting edge of it. I spent a lot of time overseas as a kid, and I really have high hopes that social media will connect people worldwide through ideas, words and images,” he explains.


The Essential Taj Nahar

Taj moved from San Diego to Denver to attend Johnson & Wales University where he got the most for his money (well, scholarship) with an Associate Degree in Entrepreneurship and a Bachelors in Business Management. His parents and brother are in California, but Taj views those kinds of close relationships on much grander scale. As he sees it, “The world is my family. Wherever my friends and family are, I have a home.”

Taj’s sports hobby mix is pretty unique: baseball and table tennis. There’s a ping pong table in his studio, which is only fitting because Taj admits that his biggest hobby is work. But it’s not really “work,” he explains, when you’re doing what you love. He’s also a major FIFA fan and avid follower of international football.

When asked to put his philosophy of life into words, Taj proposes “Dance to the beat of your own drum.” To him this means, don’t conform to the norm—be different and think differently. “I’m just Taj—a child of the world, living life the best I can, having fun and hopefully making a positive difference.”