Erika Townsend

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The Professional Erika Townsend

It’s not that the staff of Social Media Energy needs a full time health care professional for ourselves; however, Erika has a psychology degree as well, and that one we do take full advantage of!

But in all seriousness, Erika Townsend’s career as an RN uniquely positions her, and SME, to help our growing group of healthcare clients communicate credibly through social media. Erika earned her BS in Nursing at Regis University and has worked, instructed and consulted in numerous hospitals in the greater Denver area for the past 20 years, specializing in women’s and newborn health issues.

“It’s so important for the medical community to reach out in any way it can to create dialogue about services, care options and health issues,” says Erika. “SME gives healthcare providers the means to do just that and I love being the link that facilitates it.”

The Essential Erika Townsend

Erika lives with her four children in Golden, Colorado, having recently returned to her native town.

She’s always on the move, balancing being a mom and her several careers. That’s not an exaggeration—Erika is a practicing RN, runs an essential oils business, is as an Essentrics dynamic workout instructor, and of course serves as the healthcare content writer for SME. The active mom part keeps her equally busy. “When I have free time, it’s all for my kids. They range from pre-teens to teenagers so they’re at a perfect, active age to join me in outdoor activities like hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter.”

Erika keeps life in perspective through her faith-based priorities and her exceedingly modest personal philosophy that she is but one grain of sand on a big beach. She has a great family-first work-life balance that we all could learn from: “As a working Mom, I want work to fit into my life, not the other way around.”