Design and Media

Social Media Energy helps you promote your brand, create business opportunity through social media networking sites and know what people are saying about your business. The core to what we do best is surrounding our clients brand with stunning imagery for ads and high converting website design. High Conversion is always our goal, in order for this to happen media and design is crucial! And one of the most exciting tools we bring our clients!

Compelling Custom Graphics

Are you only putting out written content? Congratulations…less than 10 percent of your audience will see it, let alone share or act on it. But add some custom photos and graphics and you hit a much more powerful part of the brain and a bigger slice of your followers.

SME’s custom graphics teams have worked with more than 1500 companies in the last 20 years, launching new products and supporting brand extensions. They work within branding guidelines (or create them for you) but they also know what sticks and converts.

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Strategic Art Direction

If someone gets your card at a trade show and then looks at your website or your Twitter and Instagram feeds, will they wonder if it’s the same company? The look and feel of your brand must be consistent—otherwise your look and feel will be amateurish.

Our art directors make sure your brand image is consistent and recognizable across all platforms, cultures, languages, and international borders. You may not be global yet, but as you grow, your brand image will seamlessly grow with you.

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State of the Art Video Production

No matter what the commercials say, phone videos are not good enough. You need to present your brand and call to action across in a well-conceived, expertly filmed, and professionally edited video. Re-read that last sentence and don’t skimp on any of those three imperatives.

What can we say about our videographers? Let’s start with patient, fun to work with, and efficient. Our ideators (we’re coining it) and script writers? Imaginative, with wicked senses of humor. Our editors? Ruthless and creative. Our process? Based on messaging and audience analysis. The product? Engaging and call to action-oriented.

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Responsive Website Design

What digital presence would be complete without a website mother ship? Websites haven’t been replaced by Facebook and Twitter pages yet. Yes, having a website is sort of traditional, but your site should be anything but traditional as it projects your digital brand flawlessly on everything from laptops to mobile apps.

Our website teams come in all flavors, specializing in their own areas: e-commerce, global brands, start-ups, B2C, B2B, corporate, anti-corporate… They approach each project by suggesting best practices and fresh, envelope-pushing design ideas that help our clients stand out from the crowd.

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