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Attention Nonprofits: Pick Your Facebook Template!

By November 7, 2017 No Comments

Nonprofits of the world, are you using Facebook correctly? Social media has provided an affordable, accessible way for nonprofits to reach their desired audience for years now, and many organizations are using it correctly. However, many not-for-profit organizations out there don’t realize the full potential of social media marketing and what it could mean for fundraising, news sharing, and overall brand awareness. That’s where Social Media Energy comes in. We’ve got kick-ass account managers constantly managing the cutting-edge social media trends, like the ever-changing Facebook Pages templates. Did you know they are changing this week? Yeah, we didn’t think so. So we’ll run it down for you.

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced new templates for non-profit Facebook pages. These newly optimized layouts are designed to properly display your organization’s cause through photo, tab, and link placement. This new template also includes a new Call to Action option, allowing users to donate directly through Facebook with just a click.  This fundraising tool is perhaps the most exciting part of the new nonprofit Facebook template. Switching up the aesthetics of Page layouts is all well and good, but what organizations are looking for is an easy way for their supporters to donate to their favorite causes.

Since June, these new Facebook templates for nonprofits have been available, but not rolled out for all nonprofit pages on Facebook. Starting this week, however, all nonprofit pages will switch over to the new template even if they have not yet tested it out. If you run a nonprofit Facebook, page, you probably got an email telling you that on November 8th your page will switch over to a new layout. Don’t panic, however, because you can opt out of the new template and switch back over to the Standard layout before it drops. Our social media experts recommend sticking with the new template though, so you can make the most of your nonprofit presence on social media.

Tired of juggling templates and dodging the curveballs that Facebook throws at all business pages? We’ve become well-versed in the ever-changing Facebook algorithm and would be happy to navigate these waters with you. Contact us to get your nonprofit social presence optimized so you can keep changing the world!

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