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How Can We Make Facebook Stories Relevant?

By October 11, 2017 No Comments

Since Facebook launched Stories, their Snapchat-like feature, in March of this year, users have largely ignored the flickering icons at the top of their newsfeed that means one of their friends has shared a soon-to-disappear photo or video. Facebook has worked to incentivize users to make use of this new feature, hoping to capitalize on the success of similar features on Instagram and Snapchat. Here at Social Media Energy, we are always excited about new Social Media features and want to make the most of them, so we see the massive potential in Facebook stories and can’t wait to get our hands on the new options.

Facebook recently announced that Instagram stories will soon be share-able on Facebook. Essentially, users with both Instagram and Facebook will soon have the option to take their 24-hour Instagram story and share it to their Facebook story, expanding their reach so more people can see their (potentially embarrassing) deeds and animated filters. Instagram stories have over 250 million users, more than even the original disappearing photo app, Snapchat. By cross-sharing, Facebook is hoping to use the wildly more popular Instagram story feature to incentivize users to make the most of their Facebook options as well.

Adding to the headline news around Facebook stories this week, it was announced that Stories will soon be available to Facebook Pages in addition to just individual profiles. Until this month, Facebook stories have only been available to personal profiles, unlike Instagram and Snapchat which have been open to organizations, teams, and companies since the beginning. Now that Business Pages on Facebook can share stories, us Social Media Marketing gurus just can’t wait to start testing out the feature.

Social Media Energy has walked that cutting edge of social media since Day 1, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. As soon as Facebook Page Stories are available, you can bet we’ll be snapping, filtering, and sharing for our clients. Are you ready for your organization to join us on that cutting edge? There’s plenty of room, Contact Us to get a full analysis and social strategy on how we can drastically enhance your online presence.

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