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How Can You Use Social Media to #GiveBack?

By December 4, 2017 No Comments

As the holidays (and end of the taxable year) approach, organizations like yours are looking for the best, easiest, and most impactful way to give back. This year’s Cyber Monday shopping extravaganza was the largest in history, but what about Giving Tuesday? Our nation’s consumerism is famous, but our dedication to giving, volunteering, and do-gooding are becoming just as popular, especially from a social media standpoint. Here at Social Media Energy, we are passionate about giving back to the communities and people that have inspired us. The good news is, giving options through social media are only growing and Social Media Energy is right on the cutting edge of that.

Network of Giving

Social Media has opened up countless opportunities when it comes to connecting, sharing, networking, and ultimately, giving. As our friends at Brand Point Content tell us, connecting with and sharing nonprofits’ different causes not only serves to get the word out and raise more support, but also shows your followers that your company cares about certain causes enough to promote them.

A New Generation of Giving

We know, we know, millennials have changed the face of everything these days. As this powerful generation becomes a large part of our consumer base, they are giving through new, innovative ways. The Balance reports that millennials have single-handedly changed how users can give to their preferred causes; the revolution of #GivingTuesday, for example, has turned giving into a viral campaign that raises millions in just a single day.

New Methods of Giving

Social media has changed not only the way we share our passions for certain causes, but it has entirely revolutionized the way in which we give. Facebook’s tools now give users the opportunity to donate directly from their Facebook, without even leaving via an outside link. Organizations can start and run fundraisers directly from their Facebook pages with a few clicks.

Are you ready to start giving and fundraising for your preferred causes via social media? Contact us at Social Media Energy to craft a tailored strategy just for you!

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