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SEO Myths To Avoid This Year

By April 3, 2018 No Comments

Search Engine Optimization. Business owners, entrepreneurs, creative geniuses, and more understand that it’s important. Website owners, editors, and creators knows that it is a complicated, yet necessary science. Opinions abound all over the web as to best practices, workarounds, hacks, and writing when it comes to optimal search engine ratings. However, some of the ideas floating around out there are a waste of time at best, and can actually be detrimental to online reputation at worst. Avoid these 3 SEO Myths when setting out to enhance your online strategy in 2017.

Isn’t SEO Just Random?

A widely accepted belief among certain circles holds that Search Engine Optimization is random, impossible to actually tailor to a specific website’s needs. These believers typically do not have much experience in web design, and do not understand the subtleties and intricacies of working SEO to ideal results. Constantly changing online algorithms require SEO experts to constantly shift tactics in order to make the most of their SEO scores.

Is Content Really King?

The prevailing belief over the history of website creation and digital marketing is that the content on web pages is the number one factor in SEO ratings. While creating high-quality content is of course important, and not only for higher SEO scores, the idea that content is the biggest factor for SEO is a somewhat naive belief. Websites still need proper optimization for search engines through other methods than just good quality content writing.

Will I Achieve a High Rating?

Getting a #1 ranking on Google is certainly an indicator of good SEO, but it is by no means the only sign of a well-optimized website. A full digital marketing approach, including the correct keywords and reaching the right audience will ensure a more comprehensive SEO strategy. Website designers that have specific goals to work for undoubtedly see more success in the results from their website optimization.

Altogether, SEO involves much more than blind luck, good writing, and high rankings. SEO is a constantly changing science, best implemented by a digital marketing expert who understands the many working parts in order to achieve desired results.

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