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Social Media and Recruiting: It’s Time to Get It Right

By September 20, 2017 No Comments

Every job candidate in today’s workforce knows to perform a total social media clean-up before embarking on their job search. Just like potential candidates work to present a clean-cut, professional social media reputation, potential employers now face the same expectations. Talent doesn’t just take the job description for what it is anymore; companies’ online presence makes the first impression before candidates even walk to the receptionist desk. In addition to creating a social media presence that positively reflects company culture, hiring managers face the task of posting, engaging, and cultivating open job positions and the candidates that respond to them.

Job recruiting doesn’t happen without social media anymore. Talent acquisition isn’t about posting in the classifieds, it happens in Tweets, LinkedIn Articles, and boosted Facebook posts. The average candidate out there has up to 5 social media accounts; these are the spaces where talent is waiting for job postings, even if they are not actively looking for a new position. Hiring managers who properly utilize social media have seen an almost immediate response. 70% of recruiters say they have successfully hired using social media. When used properly alongside traditional recruiting tools, social media can make all the difference.

So what is the best way to use social media channels to find the right talent for your company? First, determine which social media network is the network for you to find talent. The 20-somethings posting travel photos on Instagram are vastly different than the established executives engaging in LinkedIn groups. Once you have determined your audience and where they are, it’s time to create a custom-built, engaging social strategy to put out the right message for your company. Your messaging must be memorable and share-able, while attracting the right talent and convincing them to apply.

Sound like a lot of work? It can be. But the rewards are astronomical. If you’re not up to the challenge there are people (like the kick-ass managers at Social Media Energy) who have perfected the art of talent acquisition via social media. Contact us to chat about how exactly HR and Recruitment fit into the cyber world of social media.

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