James Abbott

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The professional James Abbott:

James is a nearly graduated student at Ferris State University majoring in Marketing with a minor in digital marketing. Schooling has always been at the top of James’ to-do list because he believes each year of studying opens another 365 doors of opportunities to knock on. In the future, James wishes to go back to school and complete his master’s degree in data science & analytics. The summer of 2022 for James consisted of being a door-to-door sales representative in Philadelphia, which he thinks gave him the knowledge and skill set to be successful working for SME.

The Essential James Abbott:

James got his first job when he was fifteen years old, starting as a groundskeeper for Sycamore Hills Golf Course where he was introduced to the reward of drudgery. James worked multiple jobs throughout his high school and college career making sure to have money to pay the bills and cash to pay the dinner bill. In his free time, James is a jack of all trades being a mastermind at golfing, unicycling, drawing, singing, and making friends… all while partaking in playing the saxophone, hiking, sewing, knitting, painting, fishing, reading, photography, cooking, and juggling. James believes that to be happy, you must first have a steady cash flow and then surround yourself with everything that makes you who you want to be.