Joey Stevens

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I am currently a junior at Ferris State University, majoring in Digital Marketing. I am the current social chairman and house manager of Lambda Chi Alpha. I am also the new president of the 2023 Inter-Fraternity Council. I also work in the Center for Student Involvement at Ferris State university as the junior Greek life coordinator. I began working when I was 13 and I love to stay busy, so I am always working before I get to enjoy all the events that I plan for the organizations around campus. I think that Social Media Energy is a place where I can apply myself creatively and work with others so that I can encourage them to strive for greatness and be successful. I am eager to learn and excel in Social Media Energy so that I can reach heights I would not think possible in this career path.

I was born and raised in Southeast Michigan and spent my childhood exploring all the beautiful places this state has to offer by going on what my family calls “Spectacular Adventures”. My parents would wake us up on a random day and simply tell us to pack a bag and we would go explore the coastline of Michigan either for the day or a weekend. This inspired my love for the outdoors and allowed me to appreciate the state that I grew up in even more. My family is a big part of my life as they have inspired so many of my passions. I learned to love golf, basketball, and music from my dad as those were all things that I could do with him. I began playing instruments when I was 10 years old, and I have continued to grow in my knowledge, skills, and overall love for music ever since. Music is one of my favorite things, whether it be learning, listening, performing, or teaching, every aspect of music brings me an immense joy.