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Turn Your Followers into Sharers Part 1: Why We Share

By September 4, 2017 No Comments

Social Media isn’t just about gaining followers anymore. Ask any social media marketing firm and they will tell you they can raise your follower base by tens of thousands, but if those followers do nothing with your content then what does it matter? Your 500+ connections on LinkedIn mean more than just 500 individuals; with one simple share, your content could be reaching their connections and connections of connections. Make your head spin yet? That’s why Social Media Energy is here. Professional social media wizards like us know that in order to reach those second and third levels of followers, we must tailor content to match the interests of current followers.

Sure, some of your follower base will share your updates with little or no motivation from your content. Everyone has that aunt following their business page that shares everything you post, right? Well, we’re looking to reach more than just family and friends. In order to reach those followers looking out for themselves we have to ask, ‘What is your follower’s personal brand?’

Even if they don’t know it, everyone who has a social media profile has their own personal brand. They could be the conversationalist: followers who love a good blog article or feel-good story. Maybe your followers are humorists: always looking for the next funny video or meme. One personal brand that we love here at Social Media Energy is the information sharer: these users will share just about any well-written post or headline that they come across. Moral of the story is this: every social media user out there has a brand, and they are more than willing to share content that falls into that brand. Not everyone is going to share any post that you write for your social media platforms. You have to reach them in their arena; wherever their interests and personal brand bring them.

How do you tailor content to reach your followers at their brand so they’ll share your content? We’ll get to that next week. Or, you could always contact us at Social Media Energy to see what we can do to tailor your social media content and expand your social reach!

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