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Turn Your Followers into Sharers Part 2: Reach Your Audience

By September 12, 2017 No Comments

Last week we discussed how your different followers behave on social media. What creates each follower’s personal brand? What types of posts do they respond to most? Now we shift our focus to finding those followers’ personal brands and writing content specifically for them. You need to tailor your content so your audience can’t help but think, ‘all of my friends need to see this!’ In order to get that ‘share’ button pushed at maximum capacity, you need to think like your followers. At Social Media Energy, we make it our mission to discover your followers’ personal brands and craft content for your social media profiles based on what will reach those brands.

Now that you know that your followers have different personal brands, you should be the #1 expert in those brands. No one should know your followers and their behavior better than you. If you’ve watched your follower base grow from Day 1, this shouldn’t be a problem. But for many larger or busier companies, studying follower behavior from your social media’s origin just isn’t realistic. (Hint: at Social Media Energy, we MAKE this realistic.) Several analytics tools and software options exist to analyze your followers’ demographic and behavioral information. Take the time to really look at a cross-section of your followers to gain insight into what makes them excited. Pro tip: you’ll want to do this for each individual social media platform. Followers on Instagram operate in a completely different world than connections on Linkedin.

Once you’ve made yourself familiar with your followers and their behaviors, it’s time to create a social strategy to reach them. If you think social media is one-size-fits-all and you can copy/paste website verbiage into your Facebook Page once a week, you need to come to coffee with the Social Media Energy team and we’ll set you straight. Tailor regular, varied posts into your posting strategy and see what your audience responds to. Format your messages, track follower reaction, and adjust when necessary.

Turning followers into sharers requires a custom, labor-intensive approach. However, all the hard work pays off when posts achieve high engagement rates and your content reaches followers, their followers, and the followers of their followers. If you get knee-deep into social strategy and have no idea where to turn next, contact us and we’ll gladly lend a helping hand!

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