What Does Success Look Like to YOU?

Rachael Afman, Social Media Energy

Success has taken many shapes over the last several centuries. Even in today’s world, each industry and individual hold a different view of what success actually looks like. It might be represented by percentage points in corporate growth from year to year. In other situations, it might track ecommerce conversions after launching a new web app. Here at Social Media Energy, we measure success through website clicks, SEO scores, and overall increased social media reach.

But no matter how you measure success, it’s crucial to keep your sights on the end goal and move steadily toward it. Thanks to our friends over at Forbes, we know that with just a few core elements in place, you and your organization can succeed at anything.


Take a hard look at where you WANT to go. With no higher vision, it’s easy to get sucked into the day-to-day cycles of normal life. Keep your goals specific, clear, and at the forefront of every decision you make as you work toward your unique vision of success.


To keep this vision in your sights, you must stay committed to your goal in the face of large and small details of life that come at you. Without a 100% commitment to success, you’re sure to slip into bad habits or even backslide. Persist. Stay clear of fear of rejection – those kinds of doubts are dangerous distractions.


Ideally, everyone would be completely and genuinely themselves every second of every day. But we all know how difficult it can be to stay authentic in the face of obstacles and pressures that come across our paths. Discover who you authentically are and stick with that – stay completely, uniquely YOU.


Transparency is one of our primary values here at Social Media Energy, and thankfully that value is generally shared throughout the professional world. If you slip up, own it, and recommit to your goals with renewed energy!


Surround yourself with strong competitors, it will bring out and enhance your own skills. Healthy competition drives growth, moving you toward your success. We’re all professionals and we’re in this together. By pushing each other to be better we can raise the bar collectively.

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