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Why CEOs Should Care About Social Media

By September 29, 2017 No Comments

The culture of company leadership has changed from decades past. It’s no longer enough for the CEO to sit in their corner office going about daily duties with no social interaction with the rest of their organization and network. In today’s world, the Social CEO sees success, influence, and an overall cohesive company culture. The CEO who is not only present, but also active, on social media is on the cutting edge of thought leadership in their field. Both personally and organizationally, the Social CEO sets themselves apart.

Although we at Social Media Energy would love to take credit for the concept of the Social CEO, we owe all dues to DDI, one of the top leadership development firms in the country. In coining the term ‘Social CEO,’ DDI has essentially answered the question of why CEOs should care about their social media presence. In their findings, DDI determined that CEOs have two distinct motivations for maintaining a solid social media presence.

First, CEOs want to stay social because it is good for them personally. When they can position themselves as thought leaders in their network, that reputation will flow into their organization. Personal social media presence is all about creating a personal brand that the CEO can be proud of, so others will see them and their organization as the subject matter expert and the first choice when searching for a solution to their problems.

Secondly, DDI found that the Social CEO directly and positively impacts the internal operation of his or her organization. A CEO who knows the importance of social media is more likely to possess positive leadership traits such as influence, empowerment, communication, decision making, and more. Although CEOs don’t need to be social to possess these traits, no one can deny that Social CEOs commonly show these attributes and more.

The Social CEO also carries relevance in the workplace. Just like potential employers dig into candidates’ social media presence, talent also takes a good look at the profiles of their potential employers, including the CEO. When employees are confident that the leadership at their organization is up to speed with the times, it encourages a supportive work environment.

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