Yes, You Need Video Ads for Your Business


The look and feel of social media advertising is shifting. But that isn’t news, that’s the norm. What were best practices two years ago have quickly become boring and “normal.” Those of us working in this world every day learned long ago never to be comfortable with the status quo in social media advertising … you’ll wake up one morning and find yourself far behind.

Take video ads. Please.

Last year (forever ago) digital marketers hailed video ads as the wave of the future, and once more the “experts” were right. But now we really can’t say video ads are “coming,” – they’ve arrived. And they’re ubiquitous. (One of my favorite words, by the way.)

You may not know or care about the details and classifications – linear ads, interactive ads, overlay ads, etc. – but ‘ve seen all of them as you’ve absently flipped through your favorite social media sites. You, and millions of other users, have come to expect them.

But are video ads right for your business? Well, only if you want to increase brand awareness, differentiate yourself in your market, or generate demand. If not, don’t do it…and just close your business now!

I rarely deal in absolutes, but I will on this point and shout the answer loud and clear: “YESSSS! You need to use video ads!

Here’s why:

  1. Video is dominating social media. Studies show that by 2019, 80% of internet traffic will be for videos. Billions of people are watching. YouTube’s presence alone is staggering with nearly thirty million visitors per day.
  2. SEO loves video. Search engines have quickly learned that people prefer video content (and you can’t/shouldn’t argue with a search engine). Having a video on your website greatly increases your chances of showing up on page 1 in a Google search.
  3. Videos convert to sales. Videos on landing pages can increase sales conversions up to 80%. Use a video to demonstrate your product or make someone laugh and users will linger on the site. Or at least they’ll pause just a beat, disrupting the rhythm of their click-scroll-click-scroll cycle. The more time they spend with you, even if it’s measured in seconds, the greater the impact.
  4. Videos are great for mobile devices. Does anyone use a laptop outside their office anymore? It’s a phone and device world and viewers are much more likely to watch a video to the end on their mobile devices.
  5. Videos show off your business. Customers want to know who you are and what you’re about – not just what you offer.  A spoken message is more credible than a written message; relationships are stronger when forged with conversation than with words and even images.


Yes, video ads take a bit of work and an investment of time and creativity. And like any advertising media, there are good video ads and crappy video ads. What’s the difference? Good video ads:

  1. Are original and clever (if “clever” is appropriate for your brand)
  2. Get to the message quickly
  3. Have impact even with no sound
  4. Reflect your brand in terms of tone, message, and style
  5. Are well-produced and professionally presented
  6. Are built around a single, cohesive message – either implicit or explicit

We’re all in the habit of scrolling (thumbing?) past static ads. But good video catches the eye and can effectively trigger whatever emotion you seek – curiosity, comfort, excitement…you name it. Best of all, video ads are more likely to trigger a pause and a second look. And that’s what it’s all about.

Frankly I can’t think of an industry or business for which video ads wouldn’t be appropriate and beneficial. If you think you’ve come up with one, I’d love to hear from you.


Three Key Takeaways:

  1. You don’t need video ads…unless you want to get through to users who are easily distracted, bored with the normal, and online a lot!
  2. Think of your audience when you design or conceptualize an ad. How, when, where will they be seeing it?
  3. Don’t be so creative and edgy with your video ad that you don’t ultimately link with and support your overarching brand.

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