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Social Media and Other Healthcare Marketing Trends

By November 17, 2021 No Comments

Social Media and Other Healthcare Marketing Trends

Lauren Choumas, Social Media Energy

With the world of marketing rapidly advancing each day, one has to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends. Understanding these three healthcare marketing trends will keep your medical business competitive.

Reputation Management:

From addressing negative reviews to proactively creating a positive brand image, reputation management strives to influence how people think of the brand. Among the three healthcare marketing trends, this one is most likely to affect a client’s purchase decision. Brand loyalty and a positive reputation can lead to a sale, while a poorly handled negative review on Yelp could dissuade a client completely. Social media allows companies to establish credibility and brand loyalty over time with long-term customer relationships. IF any problems arise, businesses can quickly disseminate that information to a large number of people. Reputation management through social media channels allows you to control the narrative rather than being at the mercy of the narrative created online.

Social Media:

Consumers may not actively search for medical providers on Facebook, but they are still receptive to healthcare content. Social media also provides a fantastic opportunity for finding employees. By using geographic targeting features, businesses can search for affinity groups of medical professionals in their area. Your recruitment funds will be spent more efficiently knowing you are reaching out to people who are qualified and live nearby.

Social Listening:

Addressing clients’ concerns and negative perceptions is impossible if you don’t first understand the current conversation around your brand and services. Social listening software scans social media platforms and the internet to gather all mentions of your brand. Then, you can determine if people are saying words with positive or negative connotations. Some services even feature select comments so businesses can better understand how they are being perceived. This knowledge allows companies to influence the conversation around their values and proactively address any client concerns.

The Benefits of Combining These Three Healthcare Marketing Trends

Using social media in this manner can help brands recruit qualified local staff, improve the customer decision journey, and make companies aware of how they are being perceived. The talented marketing professionals at Social Media Energy are adept at navigating these healthcare marketing trends. Schedule a consultation today and see how their services can grow your business!

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