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The Social Internet of Things: How IoT Will Affect Social Media

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The Social Internet of Things: How IoT Will Affect Social Media

Luke Wyckoff, Social Media Energy

People like to stay connected – whether purchasing the newest smart device or staying in touch with friends on social media. Community, communication and relationships are intrinsic to the human experience whether online or outside. However, these two worlds will soon merge via a revolution in technologies that will change the way we connect! 

The Social Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of physical objects that have software, sensors and other technologies that can send and receive data with other devices and systems over the internet. This relatively new connection between our physical and digital worlds will inevitably affect how we connect with each other and interact with social media platforms. We like to call this intersection the “Social Internet of Things.”

How the Social Internet of Things Will Change Social Media

Smart home devices and wearables are the two major product categories in the Internet of Things that will affect consumers’ interactions with social media. As a business owner, it is imperative to be aware of this rising tide of change and be in a position to benefit from it.

Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Apple’s HomeKit, Portal from Facebook and more are currently transforming how people interact with the internet and their environment. Many smart home devices have downloadable software that enables users to post content and hear the posts on their social media feeds read aloud. This means businesses will need to post content that is engaging when read aloud. Users may also be posting content that more closely mimics the flow of human speech, which might alter the popular tone and syntax on different platforms. Overall, the explosion in popularity for these smart home devices will make the digital environment even more complex for advertisers. Social Media Energy is prepared for this change and ready to assist businesses as the impact of IoT becomes more and more apparent. 

Wearable devices have created a new realm of opportunity for marketing to consumers. While many wearables are focused on fitness and health, products like the Apple Watch connect to social media – keeping users perpetually engaged. With the small size of these wearable screens, companies’ messaging will be forced to become concise and straight to the point. It will be key to use memorable images, recognizable tag lines and eye-catching designs that are bold, simple and recognizable. Do not waste time and money attempting to implement these changes alone, utilize Social Media Energy. SME is your 24/7 team of highly skilled designers, copy writers and digital natives. 

Data Collection Opportunities 

The Social Internet of Things enables companies to better serve their customers by tracking data on a consumer’s searches, purchases and physical location. The frequent use of smart devices will enable the companies who run those devices to collect even more specific data about customers’ needs and preferences, giving them more accurate models for when you want to segment a market for a campaign. Collecting location data also allows companies to use geographic data for targeting. Businesses can use a customer’s location and larger engagement data to provide specific promotions to people when they are near a store – enticing new customers and bringing back old ones. 

The Social Internet of Things will drastically affect individuals’ interactions with businesses and companies’ ability to serve their customers. Make sure your company is ready for this shift. Scheduling a consultation with Social Media Energy will give you tools for engaging with the Social Internet of Things that will allow you to take advantage of all the opportunities it has to offer!

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