Avery Larson

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The Professional Avery Larson

It’s hard to find a young person nearing the end of his or her college career with more Public Relations training and experience than Avery. Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan is doing a fine job of preparing Avery for every aspect of PR from writing to pitching to client relations. Avery is taking full advantage of opportunities to put those skills to use in leadership positions on campus with her sorority, university event planning, and managing PR for the Office of Student Leadership & Activities. That just scratches the surface when it comes to campus activities, to be honest. It’s a common theme across the SME team—energy is not in short supply!


Avery began with SME early in the summer of 2012 and was such a quick study, hard worker, and talented writer that we asked her to stay on through her senior year. She skillfully handles the daily Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media presence for more than twenty clients. “I love the challenge of getting inside each client’s head to facilitate dialog that promotes their priorities and brands,” she explains.


Through the PR program at Ferris State, she’s had the opportunity to shadow with corporations and observe nonprofits and PR firms. She wouldn’t rule out any of those later in her career, but the professional and collegial atmosphere at SME suits her just fine for now. We hope she feels that way for a long time!



The Essential Avery Larson

Avery appreciates and tries to live by this advice from Tyra Banks, “Never dull your shine for somebody else.” She goes on, “I’m a leader and I never seem to have enough time to eat or sleep because I’m always on the go; I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Avery, an only child, grew up in Flint, Michigan. “My Mom and Dad are very supportive of me and we’re a very tight family.” Dad is a pharmacist (a ’69 Ferris State grad) and Mom has enjoyed a long career as a hair stylist. Both still reside in Flint but Avery hints that relocation to stay close to their daughter post-graduation is not out of the question.

That’s especially true if Avery joins SME in the Denver office. “We’ve had a time share at Breckenridge [Colorado] since I was five and we love all love it there.” That means skiing right? “Yes, the skiing out there is fantastic—no comparison to the conditions in Michigan!” Oh, and the family Golden Retriever is named Summit, after the County in which Breckenridge is located. Yes, we think we can convince the whole Larson family to join us in Colorado!