Brian Leugs

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The Professional Brian Leugs
Brian credits his passion for persuasive communication to his early career in public affairs working for the alcohol, soft drink, industrial chemical, and pharmaceutical industries (in that order). He points out that, “If I can make those guys look good, I can make anyone look good!”

Brian grew up in West Michigan (no, he didn’t know Luke at the time) and has an undergraduate degree from Kalamazoo College and a graduate degree from the University of Texas’ LBJ School of Public Affairs. His career path took him back and forth between Texas and Washington DC with public affairs and government relations responsibilities. He moved to the Denver area from Washington DC in 2002 when he began his pharmaceutical industry phase. When Brian’s “Big Pharma” company was bought by an even bigger pharma company a few years later, he went on his own and formed Business Communication Support.

When it comes to social media writing, “I’m very aware that it’s not always what you write but also how much you write,” says Brian. “Social media reflects society and society generally responds to the visual. I always say, don’t let the words get in the way of the message. But what you write better be persuasive, relatable, easy to read, and technically correct.”

The Essential Brian Leugs
Brian and Jen live in Broomfield, Colorado, just north of Denver. He values the quality and simplicity of life in Colorado, not to mention the beautiful scenery. “Whenever I’m driving down to Denver, I can’t help but glance off to the right and to check out the foothills and the Rockies.” He picked up skiing and hiking (and learned about healthy living!) after coming out to Colorado.

He claims to not have a philosophy of life and prefers to take it as it comes. He’s grateful for all the life experiences he’s met (both the blessings and the challenges) because “they’ve made me a better person –more humble and open to differences.” Brian values good friends, family, and being broadened by new ideas and philosophies of life.