Charles Staky

The Professional Charles Staky 

Charles Just joined our team in 2017 and he is excited to learn the ins and outs of the business. Charles is a senior at Michigan State University studying Advertising with a minor in sales leadership. “I love the psychology behind advertisements,” he says. “The reasons why certain groups of people respond to certain types of advertising and the opinions they develop about those ads.”

Charles has experience from his previous internships in marketing and sales and jumped at the opportunity to join our team. “Since learning about it early in my time at MSU I have always wanted to do media sales in some form,” he explains. “The opportunity to combine advertising with the excitement of a sales position is the best of both worlds for me.”

Charles hopes to make an immediate positive impact for the team as he grows into his new role.


The Essential Charles Staky 

Charles was born and raised in East Lansing, MI just miles from the campus he now calls home. “I’ve been tailgating for Michigan State football games since I was in diapers,” he says. “So when it came time to pick a school it wasn’t a very hard decision.”

Charles is a huge sports fanatic and will always be rooting for his Spartans, Red Wings, Tigers, Pistons, and Lions (unfortunately). In high school he played hockey and lacrosse, and although his glory days are behind him he still enjoys to play whenever he has the time.