Drew Foster

The Professional Drew Foster


The youngest of Social Media Energy’s seasonal interns, Drew likens himself as the newest (part-time) Professional Conversation Changer of SME. Currently a sophomore at Northwestern University, where he studies film and creative writing, Drew’s unique energy and consistent desire to find new perspective in both personal and professional life drives him to change the conversation between multimedia marketing, social media, and consumer relations.

Despite his main academic pursuits being film production, poetry, and narrative fiction, Drew is excited to channel those creative energies towards a collaborative, engaging community. In addition to his position at SME, during the summer Drew will also be interning with the Denver Film Society mentoring youth filmmakers.

Despite the transition from larger, more idiosyncratic creative projects to the fast-paced, content-centric world of SME, Drew is comfortable with juggling people, projects, and products–it’s an opportunity to grow as a writer, thinking, and marketer. Drew was drawn to SME “because of the energy. It’s in the title, but it’s so much more. It’s a lifestyle, an infectious one I hope to expand.”

Currently Drew has no personally tailored post-graduation plans; while he will pursue film and the arts later, SME offers the perfect synthesis of productive creativity in the modern millennial world, and is a valuable and exciting opportunity for Drew so early on in his career.

The Essential Drew Foster

When Drew isn’t studying/freaking out over the latest Star Wars or Coen Brothers movie, Drew is often playing, watching, or debating a sporting event of some kind. An avid basketball and soccer fan, Drew enjoys giving some of the underrepresented sports teams in Denver a healthy dose of support (but don’t mislabel him as a sports hipster).

Having spent his college years on Lake Michigan, Drew enjoys the duality of switching between mountain life and the beach: “it’s meditative, very reflective. Regardless of whether you are at a place like Red Rocks or just a quiet beach hearing wave after wave, nature often has the most to tell me.” Of course, if you find Drew alone, he’s probably engrossed in the latest hip hop, indie, or electronic music.

Drew may be an only child, but he values his relationships and friendships with (hopefully) everyone he meets above all else. What he looks for most in his friends and fraternity brothers is “being able to laugh and joke about yourself and your life. Experience is so strange if you stop and think about, and I enjoy finding a group of people you can really laugh through life with.”