Jacien Bass

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The Professional Jacien Bass

Jacien joined our team early in 2016 and is already heading up one of our major program areas—Team Social™, where we offer live streaming and social media reporting at client events. “I love the immediacy of Team Social and having the privilege of representing our clients not only online but also face-to-face,” she explains.

While Jacien had general marketing experience earlier in her career, she chose to join our team because she wanted to make a deeper dive into social media. “Social media is not just about posting and tweeting,” she says. “It touches nearly every area of marketing and public relations. That’s why I took my career in this direction—to be in the thick of things.”

Jacien got her wish and now she’s deeply engaged in strategic planning and target marketing for SME clients.


The Essential Jacien Bass

Outside of a brief period when she lived with her aunt in Springfield, Ohio (“That didn’t last long…I’m not a fan of small towns.”), Jacien was raised and has lived in the Denver area. She’s worked hard from an early age, even while going to school and raising her son.

“Consideration for my son drives all my decisions,’ she says. “I want the best for him now to give him the best possible preparation for future success and happiness.” The two are Ninja Turtle fans (well he probably is more than she!) and they enjoy exploring Colorado together.

Jacien is a movie buff, favoring classic horror, comedies, and chick flicks. She’s also a prolific write—poetry especially—with themes ranging from pain, to love, to inspiration. That’s not surprising, since she’s lived these experiences. “Life challenges made me who I am today—a person who I love and who has unlimited potential.”