Jamere Bass

The Professional Jamere Bass

As the VP of Future Technologies, Jamere has been analyzing and forming complex concepts that most adults don’t understand quite yet! “I like to mostly play with my toys and then when I get tired of playing, I start reading again to keep my brain big and give it exercise” explains Jamere.  “We have needed someone like Jamere” quotes founder Luke Wyckoff.  “His office energy and excitement he brings to the team is contagious – and WOW can he fire a foam gun”

The Essential Jamere Bass

As a kindergartner, Jamere is quite the busy five-year-old! He’s got a love for life and continues to make positive strides toward reading, writing and arithmetic!

Much like his mom, he enjoys trips in the car, by plane and on foot along with pool time, tent building and ninja turtle watching!