Justin Dougherty

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The Professional Justin Dougherty

Justin contributes the cool and calm that balance all the forces swirling within the SME office. No doubt he developed this flair dealing with irate U.S. Airways passengers while working the counter and the ramp at the Binghamton, NY airport as he attended nearby Elmira College.

That unique part-time job, plus some VIP/security jobs in the nightclub industry certainly helped Justin develop strong customer service skills and sensitivities. Those qualities have been very apparent from the day he joined SME in 2015 to manage a handful of key clients for our team.

What does it mean to be a project manager at SME? “It’s a steady cycle of collaborating with clients through scheduled and impromptu meetings, crafting multi-phased plans, scheduling content releases, overseeing content development, and monitoring and reporting on the performance metrics,” Justin explains. “I like maintaining the conceptual view, being able to craft the overall picture, and then reinforcing that vision for my clients through all the products and services we deliver.”


The Essential Justin Dougherty

Justin planned to move from Binghamton to Denver from an early age, and he finally made the break in 2012 when he came here to continue his college education in Marketing at Metropolitan State University. “I have family here and we made quite a few trips to Colorado when I was young. I always loved the weather, the culture, and the feel of Denver so it was really exciting to become a part of it.”

Most of Justine’s family is still back east, but SME has fast become his extended family. “When I go into the office, it’s like a family reunion each time…and Luke is like the big brother I never had!

We’ve come to deeply appreciate Justin’s perspective on life. “People are all about progress, which can either be a positive or negative. Positive progress comes from the best of human nature; progress in the wrong direction comes from things like greed and jealousy. It’s amazing how distinctly people line up on one of those two paths.”