Lawrence Yee

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The Professional Lawrence Yee

We love having entrepreneurs on the Social Media Energy team and Lawrence is the prototype! Throughout High School he worked in Asian restaurants and he was already planning back then how he would run and manage his own establishment differently and better.

As one of the youngest franchisees in the SUBWAY system, at age 22 he ran three shops in the South Denver suburbs. Setting the pattern for his career, when he mastered this and wanted to move up to a more complex situation, he partnered with a renowned restaurateur and established Jing Restaurant in Greenwood Village where he managed front of the house operations. Three years later, he opened and still runs Japoix Restaurant & Lounge, located at 10th and Lincoln in Denver, featuring small plate, Asian fusion cuisine.

So, why add SME to the mix? Lawrence fosters a “top-down” education and training environment at Japoix. But when you’re the top guy, not much is “coming down” to you! He met Luke Wyckoff and was convinced he could learn a lot from him regarding business management and leadership so he joined the SME team to work more closely with Luke.

Lawrence is active in SME business development in Denver and the surrounding region. He sees a strong correlation between the restaurant and social media service industries. For example, in food service, “You have to create trust with the guests and dedicate yourself to bringing them back by offering consistently good service and food.” He adds, “My approach in social media is the same: make sure my clients have a continually positive and value-added experience with Social Media Energy.”


The Essential Lawrence Yee

Lawrence has two pre-teen sons who are both the biggest influence and the number one priority in his life. As a devoted Dad, he explains, “I want to see them succeed personally, spiritually, scholastically…all across the board.” Currently the boys are “gung-ho on lacrosse” and Lawrence is stepping in to coach while conscientiously finding the best league and instructional camp opportunities for them. Area coaches are already asking where the boys will be attending High School.

Lawrence’s optimism and work ethic are summed up in this personal philosophy: “You can’t ever have all your ducks in a row; you just have to go for it. If you play it smart, everything else just falls into place.” So far so good, and we’re glad to have this Denver-area rising star on our team!