Madelaine Adams

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The Young Professional:


Madelaine is excited to be a new addition to SME’s team of incredible professionals, taking on the role of “executive organizer,” and occasionally, “one-woman research powerhouse.”  Her recent experience as an executive assistant at Sony Music in New York kickstarted her interest in a similar role here in Denver. The revolutionary social media impact and incredible executive team members of SME were an immediate draw and incentive for her to come on board and apply her skills as full behind-the-scenes support for Luke and Lauren, encompassing scheduling, client correspondence, information management, and full meeting and event preparation. “I’ll be a familiar face for clients as they connect with our team of social media experts, as I am the net for all of the details that are involved in creating meaningful and time-efficient interactions to move forward with new or ongoing projects.”


Madelaine (Maddie) graduated in 2018 from Northwestern University with an ad hoc major in Entertainment Entrepreneurship and Performance, which encompassed areas of study that ranged from marketing, to advertising, to radio/television/film production, to music technology, to business administration, to basic entrepreneurship practices, and even screenwriting and vocal performance. Studying in Chicago, Nashville, and New York City, Maddie walked away with a completely unique degree, and a passion for media as it relates to modern business interactions.


What you may not know:


Maddie is a New England – Southern hybrid. With one parent from South Carolina and the other from Connecticut, her years growing up were spent adventuring all over the East Coast. She grew up as the eldest of three siblings and has been used to organizing business for others for essentially her entire life.


Have you ever heard of an opera-singing fitness coach? Well, for over a decade, Maddie has been taking every opportunity to study, compete, and perform at the highest caliber on the musical stage, with occasional moments for acting and modeling thrown in. Recently however, she has taken on the role of coaching women and men who are recovering from health challenges or fitness roadblocks, which includes everything from providing daily inspiration and motivation to finding the perfect workout and nutrition plans to meet their individual goals. It’s customer service and personal assistance with a meaningful twist!


Maddie’s fiancé is the host of a nationally syndicated television show here in Denver, which is what brought them both out West in 2018. They have recently begun recording music together in their home studio, so if anyone knows David Foster, don’t hesitate to make the connection. They also have a sweet Havanese dog, named Leo.