Megan Reberry

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The Professional Megan Reberry

Megan tends to dive into opportunities with both feet, and her experience with SME is no exception. “I am so blessed to work for Luke and be part of the SME family,” she explains. “He hires the best talent and always pushes us to grow and succeed.”

Being a marketing Jedi involves a lot of listening, analyzing, research, and creativity. It means being able to understand and get in the mind of both the client and their online followers. Megan states, “You have to be able to decipher their needs, wants, and goals to translate them into an effective strategic marketing plan. You have to find a way to get people to engage. Sometimes this can be as simple as finding the right audience and creating unique and engaging content. Other times it can be pinpointing weaknesses and coming up with a creative solution.” Megan believes that communication is key. “One person can make something beautiful, but when you work as a team, that’s when you make the masterpiece.”

Megan began her undergraduate work in marketing at Iowa State (including a semester in Greece) and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a Bachelors in Marketing. Before SME, she had been working her way through school as a pharmacy technician in Littleton and…Australia. Megan took a little longer to earn her Bachelors in Marketing because she was busy traveling in Europe, backpacking through Asia, and, of course, living and working in Australia. In other words, as she puts it, “getting life experience.”

A career in marketing seems ideal for Megan, who values the diversity of opportunities, the specialties within the field, and the fast pace that it offers. But most of all, as she says, “I love people and I love to explore why people do what they do. The psychology behind human actions and decisions is fascinating, and that’s exactly what I’ve been able to explore and experience with SME!”

The Essential Megan Reberry

Megan savors all that life has to offer—the opportunities and challenges, both good and bad. “I’ve grown whenever I’ve had to deal with a challenge. It strengthens my resolve to never give up and to always come back stronger,” she says. “It also gives me empathy for understanding people and both sides of an issue.”

In her spare time, Megan likes to get outside to bike, hike, climb, and scuba dive (she’s a PADI certified advanced open water diver). If you happen to catch her indoors, she’ll be busy with various crafts and experimenting in the kitchen.

Megan was raised in Ankeny, Iowa, but felt compelled to broaden her horizons. When her brother and his wife moved to Denver and started having children, Megan’s retired parents soon followed and Megan wasn’t far behind. “Denver is one of those places where once you come for a visit, you can really see yourself staying for the long haul.” We’re pleased, of course, that Denver won out twice—once over Ankeny and once over Australia!