Rachael Afman

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The Professional Rachael Afman

Rachael joined SME in 2013 after graduating from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a Business Degree in Marketing. She brought with her, and continues to epitomize, a core attribute that we all share at SME—honesty and transparency in the workplace and with our clients.

“That’s not only a matter of business ethics but an extension of my personal commitment to respect and honor everyone I come in contact with. There’s no place like the workplace to put that into practice!”

Rachael worked all through college in service-related jobs on and off campus. AT SME she’s one of our senior managers, implementing social media strategies across several platforms for various national and international clients. “Honesty and transparency carry through in all the messaging I do for these clients—they’re at the core of each of their brands.”

Rachael’s clients consistently compliment us on her customer service. “That’s good to hear,” she says, “because I make it a point to dive in and get things done in a professional and timely manner.”

The Essential Rachael Afman

In her free time, Rachael enjoys the outdoor recreation opportunities that come with living in Colorado. “I almost see it as a responsibility and duty that comes along with having a Colorado Driver’s License,” she jokes. Hiking, skiing, and other mountain adventures take up most of her weekends.

Rachael also looks for ways to give back, which has led to trips to Tijuana, Uganda, and Sierra Leone for mission and humanitarian service, as well as service at home leading a local middle school youth group. Her lifelong passion for athletics fits into this theme as well as she coaches middle schoolers in volleyball and basketball and competes in tournaments around the Denver area.