So we’ve already learned that the numbers don’t lie when it comes to online ratings and reviews. Countless studies have shown us that companies with higher online ratings and reviews get more customers than those with poor or nonexistent reviews. But that’s not enough reason, you say? Well, good thing there are seemingly infinite more reasons and ways to build up those customer reviews across the interwebs. Today we’ll be visiting the lands of brand enhancement and customer service; two aspects of any business that both influence and benefit from customer ratings and reviews.

Consistently high ratings, good reviews, and 5-stars across all platforms can get through to even the most stubborn of internet users. In the most basic sense, good (and prevalent) reviews equals good (and consistent) products, services, and customer relations.

So how do you as the CEO maintain a positive and ongoing online reputation? Remember, good reviews are a gold nugget, but positive recent and continuous reviews are a fully functioning Yukon Trail-style mine of riches. Like any aspect of business, this reputation requires monitoring, maintenance, and customization to the perfect functionality. Online reputation clean-ups exist for a reason; letting this fall by the wayside often requires a full-service (and costly) tune-up. Remember visiting the dentist as a kid? We recall it as a much more pleasant experience if we were intentional about taking care of our teeth daily. This same principle holds true for ratings and reviews; nurture that reputation and avoid a total re-haul of the system.

But what about reviews that aren’t always so good? Well, we as rational businesspeople know that even the best customer service will some way, somehow find themselves faced with negative feedback. Whatever you do, do not ignore or simply delete these reviews. Engage openly with each user; show them that their opinion matters and you are getting to the bottom of any issue that comes up.

How you handle negative feedback is equally, if not more, important as your response to positive ratings and reviews. Every time a customer engages with your company online is an opportunity to show who you are and how you handle what the internet throws at you, which is sometimes a 90 MPH curveball. Think you don’t have the manpower to surf the web and find every piece of feedback from customers? Hint: that’s why Social Media Energy is here.

Social Media Energy’s highly trained professionals are here to monitor and manage every aspect of your online presence and reputation. Let us help you navigate the ins and outs of ratings and reviews so you can focus on providing those incredible products and services that got you where you are today.

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