So you know that online ratings and social media reviews is important for customer retention and overall reputation. You also know that your response to both positive and negative feedback matters and enhances your brand across all aspects of the internet. Is this enough to convince you that ratings matter? No, you say? Well, good thing Social Media Energy has a few more reasons why you (or we) should start managing your online ratings and reviews soon; like, yesterday. Reviews and ratings change how potential employees see your brand. And it’s not just Yelp or Google; Social Media platforms are the right place to promote and encourage positive ratings for your company.

Potential employees in today’s workforce seek employment with organizations that match their overall values and principles. No longer is a job just a place to go five days a week to get a paycheck; these generations want to work for businesses that treat both customers and employees right. In short, no one is willing to work for a company that sucks.

It’s common knowledge that hiring managers perform online searches of candidates applying for open positions. College graduates work to clean up their social profiles of any content that could potentially turn employers away. But companies are naïve to think that candidates aren’t doing the same thing. Your interviewees will Google your company, and ratings and reviews are the first thing that candidates will use to gauge exactly how reputable you are. All the more reason to enhance your online reputation.

Once you’ve tailored an online reputation to be proud of (or given us the reigns to build a killer online rep for anyone searching your name), it’s time to get the word out. At Social Media Energy, we use all social media platforms to not only encourage positive ratings and reviews, but also to share those kick-ass testimonials to the rest of your audience.

How’s this for a social media post: “We’re so pleased and gratified that our customers have given us an average 4.8 out of 5-star rating for our mattresses. We won’t be happy, though, till we hit 6!” Show your audience that you’re achieving those high ratings, and tell them that you’re striving to go above and beyond.

Social Media Energy’s highly trained professionals are here to monitor and manage every aspect of your online presence and reputation. Contact us to help you navigate the ins and outs of ratings and reviews so you can focus on providing those incredible products and services that got you where you are today.



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